Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Single-Walled Dream

So this is going to be one of those posts that you probably just want to skip, but why the hell is is so difficult to find a very light-weight single walled tent? I have a double-walled Eureka Spitfire 1 that weights around three pounds. So how come they can’t just make a tent like that with only the single wall? Doesn’t it seem like that would be both lighter and cheaper? But noooo. All the single-walled tents I can find (which are not $400 - $500+ weight at least four pounds! And this is not one of those things that I just rant about without having any information, no sir. I have been out there looking for one.

Basically all I am asking for is a vent-able rainfly with a floor. Why is that so difficult to find?

See, this is when I start wishing that I had the ability to sew or – you know – make things.
I am planning to buy a Grand Trunk All Terrain Hybrid Shelter, which is – more or less – just a strong tarp which can be strung up like a hammock but also used as a tarp tent. How hard would it be to take something like that and add some zippers along the edges to make it a full-enclosure? Sure, it would take some thought, but don’t Kelty and REI and Seedhouse pay people to think about exactly this?

I guess what I’m describing is what they now call a “bivy-shelter” and I would be fine with one of those, but the good ones weigh as much as my tent but cost more. So what gives? Huh? I’m not being rhetorical.

Anyway, I just felt this was a topic that is seldom bitched and moaned over and thought that I would share. You’re welcome.

P.S. I did recently come across a super-cheap single wall tent on Amazon and may even order it once I do some more research, so it is possible that this post is not only poorly written, but also entirely off-base in all of its assumptions.


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