Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pedantic Profusion!

On the off chance that you have noticed the profusion of posts I have been posting lately and asked yourself, “I wonder if Jamie’s prolonged nervous breakdown is finally snowballing out of control …” please rest assured that I am as okay as I ever am. I have simply found myself with a few extra pockets of time lately. And also, please don’t worry that I have given up on substantive-ness and am consoling myself by writing poetry about chicken abuse (see below post: “Lock the Bathroom Door Next Time!“), I have been doing some real writing too.

Additionally I have even had the time to get (marginally) better at cutting my own hair. I did it again last night and thus far have only found one patch that I missed! I am also working on getting ready for my Grand Canyon hike next month. So much to obsess over! I have to figure out a whole new sleeping system! And get a magical water purifier! And figure out a backpack packing strategy I am happy with. Believe it or not I actually am very excited about all of these things. Also I think my ankle has healed enough for me to start running again, so you should get yourself into psychological place where you can enjoy reading blog posts about how sore I am all the time! (Seriously, why do you read this blog at all?)



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