Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Election Politics, Shit Slinging.

I will freely admit that I watch msnbc. I like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, but I will also freely admit that I do consider them to be info-tainment, not the news. They sling propaganda that I agree with and sometimes I like that. I hope (though I doubt) that viewers of FOX NEWS feel this same way about what they watch.

Anywhoo, you can really tell that the 2012 Presidential election is kicking over into a new gear because I was watching my dearest Ms. Maddow last night and I could feel the liberal indignation emanating from the TV the way that heat rolls out of an oven. I realized that we have passed into a new state of being and that we will all be here until November 2012. Now I am Mister Liberal Indignation, but I just wasn’t ready for it yet. I figured we would have at least a few more months until I had to start getting all pissed off at the stupid shit that flows from the mouths of Republican Presidential candidates, but no! Apparently we are already off to the races. I am not particularly happy about this turn of events, but it is what it is. I think that I personally will hold off on spewing forth any virulent bile for the time being, yes I will probably continue to write crappy poetry about how dumb Michele Bachman is, but that’s just for sport really and not so much politics.

I just don’t see the point in getting all riled up until we get to the general election. If anything, I think it is kind of fun to watch the plethora of Republican candidates claw one another’s eyes out. It’s like they’re contestants on a reality show called “The Biggest Douche”.

That being said, the talking heads on my side are getting a little too douche-y and a little ahead of schedule for my taste. So I guess we’re all assholes now.

Ironically I do believe that President Obama really is the only grown-up in the room. Even when I get pissed at him for being such a centrist, I do still respect him. I hope that he manages to get through this election without having to sling too much bullshit. I hope we the people will let him.


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