Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I Can’t Outrun a Cheetah.

So I have been reading numerous articles online in an attempt to figure out why running makes me hurt SO MUCH. Well, it turns out that you are supposed to start slowly. Apparently you are NOT supposed go straight from walking (which I do every night) straight into RUNNING LIKE YOU’RE BEING CHASED BY DEBT COLLECTORS. Turns out that it takes the body months to adjust. I keep reading these conditioning schedules that say you’re not even supposed to actually run for the first five weeks. Five weeks? I have been doing this for three weeks and I feel like an old man because I have yet to outrun a cheetah (there’s one that lives in my neighborhood).

So the fact that I went running earlier and now I can’t leave my apartment (on account of the fact I’m on the second story and can’t walk, much less walk down stairs) is actually entirely normal and completely predictable.

Who knew?

So maybe I should dial it down to eleven. Although, what fun would that be?


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Court said...

I hate running, but I commend you, sir.