Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Effervescent Moment of Enlightenment!

If we have never met then you might not know, but I keep my hair cut pretty short. I do this mainly because it is the only dignified way for a man to go through life when his bald spot is as globularly asymmetrical as mine. Well it costs me twenty bucks to get my hair cut. All they do is use the clipper things with a length attachment and buzz off all my hair. It takes all of five minutes. Well yesterday I was thinking that I needed to go get my hair cut again, but in an effervescent moment of enlightenment I realized that for twenty bucks I could probably just go by a clipper thing and do it myself! Yay!

So I went over to Target and picked up my own set of clippers and tonight I will cut my own hair! I do not see what could possibly go wrong.* Will be awesome.


*This is not completely true. I once lived in a two bedroom house with four (sometimes five) roommates. One of them was my girlfriend at the time and she would use one of the other roomate’s clippers to cut my hair. Once – hours before leaving to attend a wedding – she forgot to put on the attachment (which sets the length), so when she made the first pass the noisy little clipper blades were unrestrained and took a four inch long strip of hair clean off the top of my head. I suddenly had a reverse Mohawk. Well, after some bitching and moaning on my part, we realized that the only thing to do was to take off all of the rest of it. Which is why there are a few pictures of me with a completely shaved head. These pics are made even funnier by the fact that I had a moustache at the time, don’t ask me why, men tend to go through an early-twenties moustache phase and I was not immune. Anyway, I’m sure that nothing like that will happen this time … .


oceancitygirrl said...

Haha, totally forgot about the clipper incident! You're welcome for the free haircut btw.

james said...

Yeah, thanks for that!