Friday, July 29, 2011

My Band’s Next Album.

If you have read this blog before, then you probably already know that I am in a completely fake band. We are awesome. Kind of a mix of At the Drive In and John Tesh. Or that’s what we would sound like anyway except that most of us can’t actually play any instruments.

I keep a running list though of the titles of the songs that we will never write. Here is our next album that will never happen. Critics are already saying that it will be even more nonexistent than our last album!

Nefarious Raccoon

Just Say “Bundle of Sticks” Next Time

Wounded to Perfection

I Knocked Up a Ghost

This Tastes Like Markers

I Don’t Know Anything about That Bank Robbery

Cheney Sex Tape

I Just Want to Make More Money So I Can Eat More Sushi

It is the future now

Every Decision You Make Is Terrible

Fiesta, Over!

Sorry Your Mom is a Death Eater

Don’t Gerrymander My Heart


Your Interest in Zombies Annoys Me

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bumper Sticker

“Felonious” is Too Funny of a Word for Its Definition

The Pope Would Like a Toucan

I Will Raise Your Debt Ceiling, Baby



Jose M. said...


Jimmy G. said...

Other possible titles:

1) Ketchup's my salsza!

2) bludgeoned by obtuse needles

Jimmy G. said...

One other one:

Affordable Indirect Cremations

james said...

Rock on! We will totally put those on the next album.