Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paranoid Dating Zoo.

I’m sure that I’m just being paranoid, but on my Pandora (which I listen to every single day at work) ads have started appearing for this zoosk.com dating website. It’s a pretty generic ad that mostly consists of pictures of women and the ad says, “Find a Date on Zoosk”. So it’s a pretty normal ad, right? Well I have noticed that over the last week or so the women in the pictures have been changing and it seems like they are becoming more and more attractive. Well, perhaps “attractive” isn’t the right word. Let’s say that they have been becoming more and more “my type”.

Is it possible that somehow the ad is dialing in my tastes based on the music I’m listening too? That would be crazy, right? But is it?

I mean how hard would it be to look at a person’s music tastes and start to triangulate their other tastes? Not that hard, me thinks. And anyway, isn’t that what marketing is all about in the first place?

Like I said, I’m probably just being paranoid, right? Because otherwise that would be a little crazy. Right?


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Sarah O said...

I wonder what would come up based on my itunes, I Have everything in there from dealth hip hop to classical. probably a hipster. ...

by the way cause of my ip, if I did something wrong in the comment of this it comes in japanese..This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! Just cause my IP is in Japan doesn't mean I am Japanese or understand Japanese. !!!!