Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second Thoughts and Susan Sontag.

Well, see, now I feel kind of weird about the picture of Kate Upton.

Is it kind of sexist somehow? To be all like, “Sorry and whatever, by way of an apology, please accept this picture of a hot chick.”

I can’t imagine I am demeaning Kate Upton, who has chosen a livelihood that requires she be a hot chick. Though I have talked to a surprisingly large number of people (mostly women) who claim they do not find Kate Upton to be a hot chick. I will never understand that, BTW.

But you know what probably is sexist? Using the term “hot chick” so many times in this post. What would Susan Sontag say?

So here, by way of an apology for this whole post, please accept this picture of a box full of kittens:


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