Thursday, August 8, 2013

Disclaimers, Caveats, and Provisos.

Below is a short play that I have written. You’re welcome America!

A milion years ago I used to write a lot of plays and I always find that it is a fun medium to slip back into. I like it because I think that the largely dialogue-driven nature of playwriting lends itself toward experiments in absurdity. Because it is more like life, which is pretty absurd.

This short play happened because: 1) the other day I read that most people can’t tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in blind taste tests, and 2) because I was in the mood to write a short play.

Disclaimers, caveats, and provisos:
- I don’t mean to pick on punk rock, it is just an easy target.
- I do mean to pick on Metalica because I’m still pissed about Napster.
- If, as Arthur C. Clarke said, there is a point when technology becomes indistinguishable from magic, I think that there is also a point when Capitalism will become indistinguishable from religion.
- If you need to buy a car, just get a Subaru.
- Also, this play is not very good.


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