Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wish You Were Here.

Today I was listening to an interview with the Ukrainian writer Andre Kirchoff who has been speaking out against Russian aggression and he mentioned that he has started receiving “hate postcards”. I had never heard this term before. Getting hate mail isn’t inherently funny, but getting hate mail from people who don’t care enough to pop for the cost of an envelope has got to be a strange experience. And who are these people? Who is the person who can distill all of their hate down to just that small space on half of the back of a postcard? That takes some skill, because there is SO MUCH hate that the person is compelled to give it voice, but doesn’t have enough to say to use a full sheet of paper. I mean, really?!
I also have a follow-up question: What sort of postcard does one send when one is sending a “hate postcard”? Is it like, “Greetings from Donetsk! Wish you were here!” but then on back it’s all like, “I hate you and please die.”
Anyway, I think I am going to start sending these now. It seems like both a feasible and economical way to personally reach out to people who need a stern - if concise - talking to.

Please somebody warn all of the Republicans in Congress.


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