Thursday, August 7, 2014


One last thing before I go to sleep.

Just now my cat was all wide eyed and asked, “Dude, are you seeing what’s going on with the Nikkei right now? There is no reason for it to be up like this today. I’m going to divest because I can’t stand this kind of instability.”

And I rolled my eyes and explained that of course the Japanese market would be going crazy, on account of the Sprint and T-Mobile deal falling through earlier and it is completely predictable that there would be waves in a tech-heavy market.

But did my cat listen to me? Of course not, she’s on the phone with her Tokyo broker right now.

You know, there’s a reason that everyone always says that cats are alarmists when it comes to Asian markets. 

Just keep on living the cliche, cat. 

Just keep living it.


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