Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Interesting things I have learned about recently.

Here are some interesting things that I have only learned about recently. You probably knew about them already because you’re just SO SMART, aren’t you?

Chronometry: The science of measuring time is called “Chronometry” and those who study the science of time are called “Chronometrists” and they use a special scientific device called a “Chronometer”, which is also just a clock.

Visual Sociology: I’m still not sure that I understand what this is. Either it is just regular sociology, but you’re taking pictures of shit all the time, or it is the study of any artifact a society produces which can be looked at, which seems like most stuff. This is either so complicated that I don’t get it, or so simple that I have already over-thought it.

Deaf Air Pilots: I came across this at work the other day and while this is probably super offensive, I was immediately terrified that there are deaf airline pilots. But then I calmed down. Maybe, you know, maybe someone who is deaf would be a perfectly fine airline pilot. Maybe they could just have one of those TDD things to tell them which runway to land on and stuff. But then they have to look down at it and then … MOUNTAIN. Anyway, it is a real thing, there’s even a Library of Congress Subject Heading and everything! 

Psychosomatic Dentistry: I don’t even know what the fuck this actually means. but please don’t tell me! In this specific case there is no possible way that the reality is half as interesting as what I’m imagining.

The Gibson Girl: This refers to a specific concept of female beauty from the turn of the 19th Century, as envisioned by an illustrator named Charles Dana Gibson. It was such a widely known ideal at the time one could say, “She ain’t no Gibson Girl”. Again, I would like to apologize to all the ladies for all the stuff we put you through.


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