Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things I Did(n't) Do Today.

Things I did today:

- Laundry.
- Looked for an onion.
- Failed to find an onion.
- Asked the guy at Office Max to just give me some tape.
- Thought about showering.

Things I did not do today:

- Shower.
- Make food.
- Download the syllabuses (syllabi?) for my classes.
- Pay any of my bills.
- Email that professor I need to email.
- Buy a vacuum.
- Research post-grad programs.
- Submit stories out for publication.
- Go to the gym.
- Run.
- Call my mother.
- Make a meaningful effort to become a better person.
- Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
- Tell all of the people in my life who I love, that I love them.
- Work on that half-written screenplay I have been working on for four years.
- Make even the smallest amount of progress toward the sort of life that it would be respectable for a man my age to be living at this particular point.
- Shave.


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