Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How Long Does it Take to Sleep?

Next month I’m going to have to start getting up crazy early. I start going back to working face-2-face about 80% of the time and when I got to negotiate my schedule, I asked if I could go in early and leave early. I was thinking at the time that I’d like to be able to leave work in the Fall while there is still light out so that I can have a little bit of time at the end of the workday to be alive.

That’s all fine and good, so I just did the math and said, “I will start work at the crack of dawn! This seems like a good idea!”

So now I am trying to train my body to get up extra early and it is not going well. 

I figure I am going to start getting up at 5 am. That will give me time to still do my morning things, clean up, and commute to work, but here’s the things: THAT IS REALLY EARLY!

Right now I am struggling to get up at 6 am, and 5 am is a WHOLE HOUR EARLIER!

On top of that, if one wakes up at 5 am, then in order to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, one would have to go to bed at 9 pm. 9 o’clock at night! I have got gone to bed at 9 at night since I was in like First grade. So I may have screwed this up. 

What I’m going to need to do is cram 8 hours of sleeping into about 6 hours. Not sure how that is going to work, especially since I am a restless sleeper and it take sme FOREVER to get to sleep!

This is when you say, “Perhaps you should stop listening to podcasts when you go to bed. Maybe try a white noise machine or something …”

Well, fine.

Maybe you are right.

Obviously something is going to have to give. 

Maybe if I go to bed at 10 pm, wake at 6 am and then have an hour to do yoga, do my silly morning drawings, then clean up … I could probably get all of that done in an hour, then about a 30 minute commute, then I could write these little blogs in the evenings when I am supposed to be doing my own writing … I mean, you make a good point, that might work ....

Or I could circle back to the 8 hours of sleep in 6 hours idea … that seems more efficient, it just happens to be impossible. But remember what Aristotle said: a plausible impossibility is preferable to an implausible possibility!

I think about that saying a lot.




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