Monday, September 27, 2021

Wish Me Luck.

Today will be a good day. Today will not be a great day.

My current operating philosophy is that most of the days of our lives are unremarkable. Quick: what were you doing 14 Tuesdays ago??? 

You have no idea at all.

And that is the point.

So what I’ve been trying to do is make sure that the ho-hum standards days are at the very least, good.

So what’s good?

Good is a day when we do more than work and more than stress and more than simply call it a success when we manage to cloth and feed ourselves. I have started getting up at 5am and OMG it is terrible, but it isn’t actually, it is just hard.

I make coffee and do one of my silly little drawings that I post each weekday on Instagram (standard_kink) and I sit down to do a little bit of writing. Even 20 minutes is 20 minutes of writing that I wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise (today, for instance, I am writing this). I’m about to go do yoga for a half an hour, then I will clean up at leave for work at 7am.

I will work hard, but I will not let it consume me. I will leave (more or less) on time at 4, I will drive back here and then I will go for a run. I have budgeted an hour and 15 minutes every day for a run. The problem I’ve been having lately is that I’m still getting used to waking up at 5am, so by running time I have been just all tuckered out like a little baby. But some days I still manage to run and today I am going to get it done. I am not a good runner (I’m actually pretty slow and bad at it), but what I lack in talent or physicality or speed, I more than make up for in … actually, I’m kidding, I don’t make up for any of that in any way. And yet, I will still go.


After running I will clean up and make dinner. I’m largely off of meat now, so learning how to cook new things has been a challenge, but I’m learning.

After dinner I have an hour budgeted to write. Then another hour to read. Then I am supposed to go t bed SO EARLY because that is the only way to make getting up at 5 sustainable.

What I am describing is not a spectacular day, not one for the history books, but it is a good day. To you it may sound downright miserable, and I get that, but to me any day when I can run, write, and read (RWR) all in the same 24 hours, that is a good day. Since, in the long run, I am not going to remember this day anyway, I might as well make it a day that I can feel good about. 

Who doesn’t need more of those in their life?

Right now it is 6am. Wish me luck.