Wednesday, April 3, 2013

None Shall Pass.

I came across this the other day and thought it was rather cool. You're welcome.



So this is very 2005 of me, but I just figured out how to blog from my phone. Yeah, I know ... I know. Hey have you heard about this thing called Wikipedia?! It is like an online encyclopedia only mostly wrong!

Anyway, I promise I won't abuse this new blogging ability.
At first.


When the Human Engine Waits.

When the Human Engine Waits
by james bezerra

Know this, yes I’m restless.
Don’t – as some do
- find vice in it. It’s just an endless fuse
long ago lit.

Best of times. Worst times, all times, all trains,
all roads; leading nowhere. In a hurry. That’s
the joke. The rub. Dry rub. Secret herbs and
spices. Hamlet was talking about meat.

Last call! For a train, for a bar, for a lover; always
a warning. Always a part of you apart,
always a part warring with –
or warming to – that next one-last-drink, that next station platform,
that next exhalation of cumming so raspy, such rhapsody, so
heavy that breath so breathless.

Yes, yes I’m restless, but
It’s only anti-acquiescence.

Rage, rage against these angel-headed omnivores in
these woods, whose are they? Google knows.
And so it goes. Stay gold. Stay gold Ponyboy. Don’t
ever grow old, don’t ever
go gray.
Don’t ever wear white after Labor

Or before? Fuck,
I can never remember. Not to forget. I
forget most things I never meant
to not forget.