Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yet Even More Additional and Awesome Poetry!

So here again my friend Tommy “The Bee Keeper” Rhoads has written another Breakfast by Association poem for your enjoyment! Isn’t that nice of him! You should read it and then write your own and then send it to me!

Rock on Tommy. Rock on with your bad bee keeping self.

Breakfast by Association
By Tommy Rhoads

break fast
fast pass
pass gas
gas bill
bill pay
pay day
day light
light speed
speed trap
trap door
door man
man cave
cave man
man love
love you
you tube
tube snake
snake bite
bite me
me time
time machine
machine wash
wash cloth
cloth diaper
diaper bag
bag lady
lady Jay
jay walk
walk way
way cool
cool down
down town
town hall
hall pass
pass time
time warp
warp speed
speed freak
freak show
show girl
girl car
car pool
pool side
side table
table top
top dog
dog park
park pass
pass word
word up
up front
front door
door knob
knob hill
hill valley
valley oak
oak tree
tree top
top flight
flight school
school day
day break
break fast


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Even More Awesome Poetry!

My friend Mike “The Director” Ervin went and wrote himself his own Breakfast by Association poem. You should do it too! And send it to me!

Party on Mike, party on.

Breakfast by Association
By Mike Ervin

break slow
break dance
dance party
party hard
driving home drunk, its all so blurry and something runs out from the darkness
Brake Fast

Also, i think i killed a homeless man


Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Awesome Poetry!

My friend Tommy “The Bee Keeper” Rhoads went to town on my association poem below (Poem #3) and scratched out his own. You should try one too! And send it to me!

Rock on Tommy.

Breakfast by Association
By Tommy Rhoads

serial killer
Ted Bundy
Al Bundy
Al Davis
Miles Davis
Miles per Hour
Keanu Reeves
Christopher Reeves
Dean Cane
Jimmy Dean


Friday, December 4, 2009

Poem #6

Urban Battle Ax
By James Bezerra

That ax you have is very shiny.
And heavy.
And bloody.

But maybe
you shouldn’t have brought it on the subway.

It makes you look a little crazy.
And loony.
And violence-y.

Perhaps maybe
you should put it away.

Then we can go to dinner.
Or the theater.
Or your therapist.


Poem #5

Solve for X
By James Bezerra

Solve for X:
Booze ([me + you] + her) + bed = X

X = ____

A) Awesome!
B) The end of our relationship.
C) Something we will awkwardly avoid talking about the rest of our lives.
D) Youtube fame.


Poem #4

Complicated Rhyme Scheme about a Girl on the Bus
By James Bezerra

The sunlight in her skin
the ash in her eyes
the craving in your gut.

It makes you think of sin,
makes you think of her thighs

you stop, your fingertips not
touching her
just lingering in the air.

You can’t touch her here,
but you want to touch her there.
but you don’t want the fight
that will start if you’re caught.


Poem #3

Breakfast by Association
By James Bezerra

Captain Crunch
Lieutenant Dan
Sergeant Pepper
Private Ryan

Jack Ryan
Ben Affleck
Harrison Ford
Alec Baldwin

The Hunt for Red October

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

Craig Ferguson
Jimmy Fallon
Jay Leno
David Letterman

Letter bomb
Ted Kaczynski
Teddy Bear

Teddy Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt

Kevin Costner
Kevin Bacon (A Few Good Men)
Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects)
Kevin Spacey

Serial killer
Captain Crunch


Poem #2

Party in the Bathroom
By James Bezerra

The handicap stall
is like a VIP room,
but with fewer celebrities
and more shit on the wall.

For a good time call:
and you can come to my parties
in the handicap stall.

Or do you think it’s a bad idea
to party in the bathroom?


Poem #1

By James Bezerra

Why a trivet?
On your wedding registry?
I used to clean the kitchen
after you cooked our dinner.

Big messes
small dry chicken.

You never used a
spoon rest
a sponge
a Brawny paper towel
or a trivet.

You couldn’t make
a cake, a cookie or a casserole.
Just chewy chicken.

But there it is-
the trivet-
right between the his & her towels
and the ice cream maker.

Maybe he cooks for you,
right before he listens to you
and gets along with your friends.

Maybe you were right,
maybe I never did those things right,
but I’m not going to
spend my money
on your god damn trivet!