Monday, February 17, 2014

Lessons in Perspiration Economics.

Lessons in Perspiration Economics
by james bezerra

I sweat the rent.
I sweat the electric.
I sweat the Sprint bill.
I sweat the laundry quarters.
I sweat the last drips of bright blue detergent and wait for them with the bottle ass up.
I sweat the books.
I sweat the bills.
I sweat crappy printer paper.
I sweat the recycled ink cartridges.
I sweat my bald black tires.
I sweat the engine light.
I sweat the heater on cold nights and so I’m cold.
I sweat the AC on hot nights and so I sweat.
I sweat every single last meal and smell like ramen powder by now.
I sweat being behind too shiny new a car of the freeway because I sweat the insurance too.
I sweat new socks.
I sweat the refrigerator’s settings.
I sweat the problems my body has and the meds I should be taking.
I sweat being alone forever.
I sweat not being alone and anyone depending on me.
I sweat the cake frosting and even the idea of the cost of a wedding.
I sweat in fear of someone needing me to deliver when I can’t.
I sweat new shoes because mine are wearing down.
I sweat the cheapest bottle of wine they make.
I sweat the luxury of middle-shelf tortilla chips.
I sweat the future.
I sweat the past.
I sweat the present.
I sweat how un-zen that is.
I sweat the small stuff and can’t begin to imagine how to sweat the big stuff.
I sweat needing q-tips.
I sweat the cat litter.
I sweat the cat starving.
I sweat buying coffee creamer.


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