Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm So Very Fancy.

So you know that I am a very fancy guy, right? Well below is an early version of an academic paper that has been accepted to a conference in March. Can you believe that? I get to present a very fancy paper at an oh-so fancy conference! And I am going to stand up there on stage and (basically) read this paper and fancy-looking people will listen to me and nod quietly to themselves and stroke their goatees and and adjust their monocles.  

That’s not what is actually going to happen though because (believe it or not) some people will not like this paper and so they will scowl at me and adjust their monocles and say things like “hrmf” and “well I never …” 

In case you have some fear of citations or something, or just don’t have any interest in reading a halfway scholarly paper,  I will tell you what the paper is about. Basically I found that I was frequently encountering young women who actively chose not to self-identify as Feminists. This is interesting because they seem to believe all of the things a ‘Feminist’ would believe, but they just hated the label. I would find myself looking at them and resisting the urge to say uncomplimentary things about their mental processes. Well I found a way to build a paper around an investigation of what was going on there culturally, historically, politically, and economically. I think I may have bit off more than I could chew. But that’s the only way to live, right? Anyway, I’m not sure if I like the conclusion I come to, but there are a lot of things which are true that I don’t like. This is an ongoing revision so if anybody has any thoughts I would be super excited to hear them. 

Oh, the paper is also about The Hunger Games.


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