Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Songs For My Band's Next Album.

As you may well know, I keep a running list of song titles for my (not real) band’s next album. I’m often coming across great little phrases and while I have no intention (or ability) to write any of these songs, I am more than happy to list their names.

Oh, just an FYI for all of our fans, I have been able to convince two actual people from school to be in the fake band! Big awesome to David and George! David is going to play the drums and George is going to play on the internet during our shows. So far it looks like, in addition to coming up with song titles, I will also be playing my variable speed blender. Yeah, we’re that kind of band. We’re like Beck used to be, only more so.

The titles:

Turn Her Brights Full On Me

Try the Albacore Tempura Rolls

The State of Hip Hop in Armenia

Finger Prints Grow Back

God is Not a Wishing Well

Angry, Homeless Hurricane Bees are Pissed

This is for the Girl with All the Problems

Jews of the Chocolate Trail

The Master of Sonorous Prose

The Greatest Romancer of the Machine

Chronic Sense of Cultural Inferiority

The Pulse in Her Bones

The Whole Galactical Thing


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