Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stuff I Should Come Clean About.

Things I totally want to write about but which I probably won’t ever get around to writing about:

- Why I like running out of things.
- Why I wish I could get into these vampire shows.
- How I am totally envious/angry about acquaintances who are active travelers in the world.  
- How squirrels are way better than TV.
- How I pick my toothpaste.
- What I think I have been missing at the Olympics by not having cable.
- Why I think I could (eventually) be good at the biathlon.
- Did you ever think about how weird it is that the mouse and the keyboard function very differently?
- That time that it was more fun to hang out and talk with that stripper than it was to ask her to be all striper-y?
- How I would like to start living the way a grown-up would live.


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