Friday, February 7, 2014


Much like everyone else with an iPhone I consider myself to be the greatest photographer who has ever lived. I’ve become a SUPER WHORE about the picture taking (I’m jjbezerra on Instagram!) and here below are some of my favorite pictures from the past several months. I’m too lazy to upload these in any particular order, so think of this like a grab bag of fun! (I know how much you like grab bags of fun*)

* “Grab bag of fun” is not a euphemism for anything**
** Not in this context anyway.

This is the classroom where I actually sort of try to teach stuff to people.

This is a picture of those things.

Marcel Duchamp is proud of this picture.

Popcorn. I will do terrible things for good popcorn.

This is a picture of this.

A distant snowy fort.

A rare picture of your humble author.

Just a pretty little stone church.

The public library in New Milford CT.

This is what the North Pole probably looks like.

Manhattan stairwell.

Looking west along East 118th Street 

If you are looking at this building, then you are standing outside my brother's apartment.

This is what a building looks like when it looms.

An accidental photo of my wet shoes.

Inside a NYC cab in the rain.

My ride.

Bringing sexy back? Sadly, no, but not for lack of trying.

This is what an unpublished novel looks like.

They made a lame documentary out of a superb book. Sad face. 

What it looks like when I drive home.

A heart of stone.

What the morning looks like in my kitchen

 Charging my phone while taking a picture of my phone charger.

What Utah looks like if you're six miles up and color blind.

Stigmata Barbie

The best bed sheets ever.

"Hey, everybody come see how good I look!"

Having beers with some of my brothers. 

Waking up in someone else's bed.

"Hi, I'm the Chrysler Building. Be cool about it."

Someone spilled wine on my sketch of the perfect outfit, making it slightly more perfect. 

I have a ton more pictures, but I'm too lazy to load them right now. #justbeinghonest


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