Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Pictures of Stuff!

Birds outside my apartment.

 This is how cool I look when I'm out there in the world.
This is at the top of Moro Rock in the Sequoia National Park.

 This is a waste water oxidation pond in Sunnyvale California.

I took this picture from a moving trains! So I don't know where the hell I was at the time. The Instagram tag says, "Land of the Marsh People" so I guess that says it all ...

 This is probably my most artsy iPhone pic ever!

This was a lunch is SFO with Mike The Director.

This is not so much a photo as it is a metaphor for freedom and - you know - stuff.

 Nine dollar cup of wine while waiting to see David Sedaris.

 My cat is an out-of-focus stalker.

 This is what writing looks like,

 This feels to me what Mecca feels like to other people.


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