Tuesday, April 27, 2021

My Ideal No-Bullshit Work Day Schedule.


This will have to be a brief post because I slept in a bit today because sometimes I get to do that! Get off my back about it, I was tired.

This week I am trying to get back onto that schedule I designed a while ago and which was working for at least a month before my job ate my life again. It really did have me healthier and feeling better, so here is the schedule. I have not been able to quite live up to the ambition of it yet, but I am going to take another run at it starting this week.

Ideal No-Bullshit Work Day Schedule

6:00     Wake up

6:00-6:30     Yoga

6:30-6:45     Shower/Clean up

6:45-8:15     Daily Drawing & Blog Post

8:15-8:30     Breakfast/Prep for work

8:30-     Work  



5:00     Work

5:00-5:15     Run prep

5:15-6:30     GO RUN!

6:30-7:00     Shower/clean up

7:00-8:00     Dinner (Make & Eat)

8:00-9:00     Write and/or Read

9:00-10:00    Journal/Free time

10:00     Go to bed

I know it looks a little over-planned, but that is what I actually need. I have this tacked up in my kitchen so at any moment I can go look at it and say, “Well shit, I guess I have to go do that right now.”

If I can keep my job in it’s 8 hour-a-day box and also keep myself from simply wasting all of my time on Twitter, then I know that this will ultimately work for me. The difficulty is getting to that point. But running up a hill is harder than running down one. So let’s get started.




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