Sunday, November 9, 2008

How lame am I?

Lately I have been doing this: late at night I have been obsessing over the new netbook that HP just put out. It is called the HP Mini Note 1000.

For a couple years now I have been entertaining the notion of getting one of those tiny laptops so that I could have it with me all of the time. I think this would be very good for my writing because as it is, I hardly do any writing at my desk at home. I do most of it in a spiral notebook and then have to type it up later.

The problem with this strategy is two-fold. It is not an efficient use of time and – some of you might be familiar with this – after a good stretch of writing, there is a cool down period like some people experience post-coital. So half of what I write, I never end up typing.

So anyway I have devoted too much of my time to researching various little laptops (called “netbooks” by the kind of people who like to make shit up).

Well, I really like this HP one. It has a 92% size keyboard. The laptop is basically built around the keyboard. That is actually a big deal. Go to the electronics department at your local Target, they have started carrying the ASUS EEE PC (this is a real netbook that I was drooling over for a while) put your hands on that thing and try to imagine typing a Great American Novel on that little bastard. Probably not, right?

Anyway, the point was, that at night I am often finding myself Google Imaging the HP Mini Note. They are the same pictures everyday, but I scroll through them anyway.

Where I start.

I am starting to feel ashamed of this. It is like porn to me now, only more lame. MORE LAME THAN INTERNET PORN. What the hell is that? I am still relatively young. I’m funny and even witty occasionally. I am an interesting person and I am at least as cool as you are, so why the hell am I spending my free time skulking around the internet google imaging a computer?

What the hell is wrong with me?

But then it gets worse.

Next I realize that once I have the damn thing, I will need a good bag to haul it around. Because what's the point of owning it if I don't have a good bag to carry it around in? So then I start Google Imaging things like

And so then I'm reading about laptop bags for waaaaaaay too long. But reading about bags makes me want to travel, so I start looking at websites about traveling, but not just traveling, how to travel light with just your tiny laptop. A couple of nights ago I was reading about the Zen of packing light. What the shit is that? I stopped myself and I was all, “Jamie, how did this happen to you?”

Anyway. I am doing this almost every night. I have a problem.

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