Monday, November 3, 2008

Cops Crack Clock Case

So this is awesome! A twenty-five year old clock heist has been solved! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a clock heist. I am so going to write this movie. It is a frame story, about the contemporary investigators who are on an elaborate treasure hunt… NAY!, clock hunt, that’s the outer frame. The inner frame is the dashing, internationally known Israeli master-burglar who stole them in the first place.

Can you feel the awesomeness?

Car chases in Jerusalem! Foot chases in the Hollywood Hills! Exotic locals! Maybe I can work in Interpol! Not the band, the international crime-fighting justice league! Or … well, maybe the band too! We will have them on the soundtrack! It will be in the multi-million-dollar contract that I sign when I write this script!

Anyway …what am I talking about?

Read this awesome article before I buy up the rights!

Awesome article about clock theft.

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