Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ginseng Wild Mint.

At the moment I am living out of an extended-stay type hotel and the toiletries that they provide are of a shockingly high quality! The facial scub soap amazing and my skin is positively glowing AND smooth!

It makes me wonder though, since this is the type of place where people stay for weeks or months at a time, do you think that after awhile everyone starts to smell exactly the same? Like after X amount of time we will ALL smell like “ginseng wild mint”?

The hotel has little evening mixers during the week. I have not been to one yet but I bet that when I eventually walk into the lobby I will be greeted by a wall of (not entirely unpleasant) wild mint ginseng smell. I wonder if that makes strangers more or less attracted to one another. I wonder if that smell has been specially formulated to mask the scent of loneliness that seeps out of the walls of a place like this.  

Oh, the brand is called “Simply be well” and I recommend it!


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