Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Speaking of Hate Mail.

Sometimes I write little scenes just for fun, as a kind of mental stretching. I generally don’t even bother to save them (Isaac Asimov said that the most valuable thing a writer can ever own is a wastepaper basket) and the other day I was tinkering with a scene wherein the narrative explains how to draw a picture of The Prophet Muhammad.

That would be okay, right? And wouldn’t get me murdered, right? I think it would be a fun passage in a piece of narrative, because it seems like it breaks the rules, but doesn’t actually break the rules!

BTW, there’s no actual religious rule against creating pictures of Muhammad or any other living person either, technically. That is very much a rule some dudes came up with and ain’t gotten nothen’ to do with the Good Book. It is the difference between the Old Testament and the Talmude. It is the difference between the New Testament and the Republican Party platform.

But tell that to the Ayatollah


Posts like this will likely get me Salman Rushdie-ed by somebody, the real question is: who?


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