Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vignette City 16.

*** ‘Vignette City’ is an ongoing project of daily writing and urban photography ***

At the coffee shop this morning, waiting in line, I heard the two young men behind me talking. Really only one of them was talking, saying, “All I’m saying is remember that blind kids’ camp that they used to always be raising money for? Well I’m saying that I don’t believe it exists. What kind of school would take a bunch of blind kids on a camping trip into the forest? How is that a good idea? And what kind of insurance does a school even have to do that? How is any of that a good idea? I’m just saying, you put them all on the bus, you drive it around for a couple hours, you set up some tents on the soccer field, spray some Pine-Sol, and alakazam! You’ve got yourself a full blown blind kid’s camping trip”

“That’s ridiculous,” the other young man said.

“Is it though? Is it? That’s all I’m saying. How much money do you think they have raised over the years for that thing? You just know they’ve been pocketing it. You know how much money they could have skimmed by now?”

The teenager behind the counter gave me my coffee and as I turned, I looked the young men up and down. They were unremarkable. I looked right at the one with all the theories. I smiled and said to him, “You’re right. That’s exactly what we did.” Then I shuffled off as quickly as I could.


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