Monday, April 21, 2014

Bad Blogger ... Good Writer?

So I have been a bad blogger lately, but not for the usual reasons. I have been so busy with school and under-the-table-arson-for-hire business that I have neglected to tell you that I have been getting some stuff published lately. That is especially bad blogging on my part because the reason this website ostensibly exists is to be an online presence for my writing. Believe it or not, I do write more than drunken rants. And occasionally people even publish them!

So far this year I have had three pieces of short fiction placed!

Here are links to the journals:

I also had two other pieces accented to the college literary journal.
It had been awhile since I’ve had anything published out there in the world, but then it had been awhile since I had sent anything out. Back in January I gathered put (almost) everything I had just sitting around and submitted it out to. It was about twenty pieces of short fiction, a couple one-act plays, and maybe a half dozen half-way passable poems. So far I have had about six pieces rejected and three accepted. Believe it or not but that means that this has been an extraordinarily successful exercise.

Anyway, I'm very fancy. As I have always told you.

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