Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Baggage.

At the moment I am doing a small bit of traveling. I’m one of those people who makes packing lists and triple checks them and practice-packs before leaving the house. This current walkabout that I’m on is indefinite in length and the destinations are still not completely determined. So, the practice-packer in me spent a while freaking out about what the hell exactly I was going to be taking with me. 

My criteria:
- I knew I wanted to be carry-on ready in case I end up on a plane to somewhere and also because it forces me to pack light.

- I wanted to be able to take some running gear with me, but didn’t want to have to wear my running shoes all the time (I don’t like wearing them with a pair of jeans or whatever because it makes me feel like a tourist).

- I wanted to have one nice-looking outfit combination (tie and all).

- I wanted to have some sort of hydration-compatible bag in case I get to do any real hiking.

- I wanted to have clothing combinations that would work in: 1) Southern California 2) The Bay Area 3) The North San Joaquin Valley 4) Chicago (I really wanta go to Chicago!) 5) The NYC/Connecticut area (I wanta go visit some family!)

After all sorts of mulling over (I LOVE mulling things over!) I ended up getting everything into one backpack and one small laptop bag.

I have read many many many blogs where people itemize their packing lists. I have never done that because I know that no one cares! But what the hell, you’re probably only reading this because you’re bored at work, so here it is:

This is what I wore:
Black t-shirt
Blue jeans
Button-down shirt
Wicking socks
Wicking boxers
Orange Chuck Taylors
Awesome Zoo York watch (from Kohl's, on sale!)
Black leather belt

This is what I packed:
2 black shirts (one has the old school Batman logo on it!)
1 pair extra wicking boxers
1 pair extra socks
Black Northface soft shell jacket
Running shoes
Long sleeve black wicking shirt
Running shorts (also work as swim trunks)
Wicking running socks
Armband iPhone holder
Running (Ironman) earbuds
Kinkle (can use the same charging adaptor as the iPhone)
Moleskin notebook
Small toiletries bag

Every day I am always carrying on my person:
Small red Moleskin notebook
Ink pen
14 ninja stars*

Here is a picture of everything (this is literally a picture of EVERYTHING I packed. So yeah, I was completely naked when I took this picture):

This is an article that helped me very much when I was packing. It is written by a woman who is far more hardcore at this stuff than I could ever hope to be. How I Traveled as an Uber Minimalist for 2 Months in Europe.

* I was kidding about the ninja stars**

** Probably


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