Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Me, and the Media, Again

Again with the media being unforgivably bad at what they do … I have CNN on while I’m getting ready for work and making Violet her lunch and this person Heidi Collins is interviewing this Floridian retiree whose two children are out of work. The nice old retiree lady is going to be in the audience at the President’s speech this morning.

Well apparently this nice old lady knows a little more than she is supposed to because when Heidi asked about her feeling on the stimulus package, this lady had a well-informed opinion! She started talking about how there needs to be a change to a provision in the bill that would change the date of when the government accepts that the recession and economic downturn began (this would affect who is eligible for federal aid) and poor Heidi was just all what-the-fuck-is-this?

And so Heidi INTERRUPTED the nice old lady to ask, “Do you worry about you children?”


And then the retiree’s ear piece didn’t work and – I don’t want to be one of those conspiracy people but – I wonder if they messed up her ear piece to make her look doddering and old.

Anyway, I bet Heidi even thinks she is good at her job.

And you rock old retiree lady! You are patently awesome.

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